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Horny Halloween Bonus - Revisit 'ZOMBIE CUMSUCKERS'
One of our most bone-chilling, boner-thrilling horror PeterFever series deserves another look, and what better time than the Halloween holiday season? From now till Halloween Day, we'll be running this fun- and fuck-filled series starring David Ace, Jack Hunter, Zario Travezz and our Zombie King himself, Jessie Lee. Get into the fun and fourway frolics over five episodes...

An ancient Asian zombie king (Jessie Lee) lures a hot young trendy (Zario Travezz) into a kinky throne room in his warehouse lair. Sharing his intentions from the start, he tells Zario "Gonna fuck you and feed you my cum," but the young stud doesn't know the bizarre transformation in store for him.

The King gets Zario bent over against the wall and lubes his ass with a juicy rim, spreading his muscle butt and diving in. His raw cock follows, and Zario's hairy hole gets a deep rough reaming from one end of the kinky room to the other. Zario pounds his cock hard to keep up with the supernaturally horny zombie, ends up splattered in sperm on a leather bench. The King feeds him the zombie cum and sends him into a flailing seizure. Mean green flashes of lightning fly from the King into the core of Zario's being till he wakes in a shredded outfit, his eyes glowing red. Zario's the new sex-driven slave of the Zombie King, and the two set into motion their plan to turn two more unsuspecting studs.


These guys r both fine AF! But that Zario!! He's my kinda of man. Would give him all of my check!!

Wow, Zaire is SO handsome!!! I hope to see more of him very soon (you can’t really see his beautiful face or dick very much in this one...and did I miss his cum shot?).

Great to see PeterFever back with a big new production with the North American crew, and a zombie theme just in time for Halloween! Jessie is sexy as always (not sure the makeup is a good look for him though lol), and Zario is a hot new addition. From the opening credits, it looks like this series will have some of our favorites, so I'm looking forward to the weekly installments!