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When Kai Cho gets a peek at his fuck bud Hans and porn crush Matteo going at it, he's determined two can play that game and goes online to get some hot raw dick for himself. SeXXXy twink Drake Von is just what the doctor ordered, a perfect body and thick ever-hard cock at Kai's service. He starts by massaging Kai's tired shoulders, but obviously wants to give him a rubdown from the inside out. Once they're naked and stiff, Kai gorges on Drake's massive upturned fucktool. The hot twink turns Kai over on his side and plows his slick bareback cock in deep, to Kai's excited moans. Kai wants to grind his cock-starved booty on that big pole and climbs on for a rough ride. Drake likes his ride from on top and plows down into Kai's sweet smooth booty. Kai can't take any more of that hard-pumping dick. Drake pulls out to shoot a juicy spurt across Kai's face. The satisfied bottom twink milks out his thick, creamy wad in just a couple strokes, as Matteo steps in to Drake's shocked surprise.


I think we got enough mileage out of Kai-themed videos over the last few weeks. I would LOVE to see other models.

Drake is really cute with a hot body and dick. But he looks so bored; just going through the motions. How about a smile or change of expression sometime?